Day 15 – Well, This Is Awkward…

“The first thoughts that came to mind were, “Crap! I’m in my ihram too…and it’s the Day of Arafah!”

11/5/11Hajj, Day 2

The tests have not stopped, they’ve only just started hitting much closer to home. I just got hit with a very personal test. It’s kinda funny really, though totally embarassing.

 So, I took a nap in our tent after sunrise, trying to kill time til Dhuhr, and get some rest. After Dhuhr is when I wanted to focus on making all of my du’as. It was a pretty good nap – restful, comfortable, peaceful. I started to dream. How do I say this…? The dream turned…saucy. That’s hilarious, I didn’t plan on using that word, but it works, I’m stickin with it.

The details of this saucy dream are a bit too personal even for this journal, though it wasn’t graphic or obscene. Ok, enough about that. I immediately woke myself up as soon as it was “happening”. The first thoughts that came to mind were, “Crap! I’m in my ihram too…and it’s the Day of Arafah!” The only day that really matters. So, I recoup, having also just woken up – rude awakening status. I went to the bathroom, trying not to walk awkwardly.

The plan I came up with on the spot was: get into a stall, make ghusl, switch my top ihram sheet to the bottom, wash the bottom sheet, and be out without anyone noticing what happened. Problem was, there were no showers in Arafah, those are only in Mina. Also, everything had to be done in this small toilet stall, where there’s also the infamous hole in the ground. Staying clean was a top priority.

Alhamdulillah, I got through it just fine, no worries. Allah makes it easy when you reach out to Him for help. I got lucky and had a clean stall, with no lines waiting to get in after me. There was also an unusually long water hose in the stall, normally they’re only half that length. There were no hooks though, so I took off my top sheet and slung it over the door, hung my money belt on the door knob, took off my bottom sheet and folded it up loosely. I didn’t have anywhere to set down my bottom sheet, so I took off my flip-flops and sat it on top. I used the super long hose to make ghusl, took my time and cleaned up. Worked out really well actually. I cleaned off the bottom sheet, draped it over my shoulders, wrapped my other sheet around my waist and walked out. Ten minutes tops. Now, I’m sitting in the sun to dry off. Not a single suspecting soul, Alhamdulillah.

Question: If I’m in ihram and there’s an ant crawling on me and I flick it to get it off and end up killing it, do I have to pay a penalty? That just happened…


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2 responses to “Day 15 – Well, This Is Awkward…

  1. Ahh…this was EXACTLY my fear; and i made dua that it wouldn’t happen – even on Mina. THe thought of showering in one of those toilets was not pleasant…

    I don’t know where about you were on Arafah, but where we were, I’m pretty sure there were showers. We had the usual long lines for the toilet, and i think i remember that some people did shower there.

    Alhamdullilah – i’m very glad you were able to get it taken care of, and discreetly too :)

    Not sure about the ant story. But if it was done out of forgetfulness, i would *guess* no penalty – though i’m not qualified to give a fatwa. I had 2 incidents, when in ihraam the first time, that may have incurred penalty. I accidentally used scented soap (such is the habit of using soap) – totally out of forgetfulness. The sheikh on our group said that it was fine, due to forgetfulness, and no penalty was required. To be safe, though, i gave a little bit of sadaqah anyway. I’ve heard that general advice given by another sheikh when it comes to minor issues like this – a little sadaqah is the solution; not a whole dumm.

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