There are the chronicles of my recent journey to Mecca to perform the rites of Hajj, the prescribed pilgrimage for Muslim’s as part of the core fundamentals of the Islamic faith.

I’m originally from the Washington D.C. area, DMV represent ;). I’m a 26 year old graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, of Pakistani/Iranian descent. currently working at Islamic Relief USA. This was my first time traveling to the Holy Lands.

I felt it would be beneficial to journal about my experiences while there. After seeing so many interesting and crazy events, I had to share with others.

For those who have never been and are interested in learning more, those who have been and want to refresh their memories – All are welcome.





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  1. Richard L. Wagner

    I am a Roman Catholic, living in the US. Still, I am very moved by these photographs and the text that accompany them.

    Thank you.

    Richard Wagner

    • Bslam

      Thank you very much for visiting, hope you get the chance to read more about the journey. It was a very moving experience, I’m glad that came through in the images and text.

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