Day 1 – Preparations

I’ve found that this preparation for going to Hajj is really a preparation for death.”


I’ve found that this preparation for going to Hajj is really a preparation for death. You settle all of your affairs, you seek forgiveness from everyone, prepare a will, say goodbye – don your funeral shroud, & head to the source of your origin.

I know Hajj is meant to be a metaphor for life – the life cycle, specifically. We re-focus ourselves around the most important thing – our connection to Allah. We leave behind everything to answer His Call. We assemble at the place we’ll all be resurrected. We try to grasp the magnitude & horror of that day & we beg for forgiveness. If Hajj is crazy, the Day of Judgment is yonkers. I pray that Allah, the Most Merciful, will see me enduring the Hajj & will forgive me & purify me & will make the DoJ easy for me as a result. Maybe I won’t have to face this twice, iA. May this Hajj, be that it is a lesser trial, suffice in testing me, so that on the DoJ, I will only be receiving the Good News. Ameen.

I also just haven’t been out of the country in 10 years (Canada doesn’t count). So I am a bit nervous about that. I’m not worried though, really, I think it will all be just fine, iA.


Notes from

“Sabr circle” – when feeling tried, know that it is a test & look at bigger picture, resolve issues w/thankfulness & mercy. Imagine a circle, inside of which are all things you are able to remain patient with. Anything outside of this circle is what will really test you – identify when situations are beyond your Sabr circle when they arise and deal apprehensively. Remember the spirit of Hajj.

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